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Join us to Walk at Light the Night for LLS!

2022 Marks the 23rd year of the Annual Light the Night Event
September 22nd at 5:30 PM
Washington Park, Denver, CO

Debra Robinson Team Goal is $25,000 – Donate and show your support!  

Why I continue to be relentless to find a cure:

You may remember my connection to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I lost my younger sister, Patti, to Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma after a 10-year battle. She was diagnosed at 38 and we lost her at age 48 in 2008. Patti worked tirelessly from the time she was diagnosed to raise money and reach out on a personal level to newly diagnosed cancer patients. Our family has been helping to raise money for all those families that are still in their battle in kicking cancer’s butt since 1998 when Patti was first diagnosed!

LLS funds RESEARCH to advance lifesaving treatments!

LLS drive’s ADVOCACY for policies that protect patient access to lifesaving treatment!

LLS provides patients and families with hope, guidance, education, and SUPPORT!

How Can you Help?

– Donations can be made simply by clicking here: Donate to MY Team .

– Be a Sponsor: Sponsor my challenge with an amazing opportunity for your company’s name and logo to be promoted. There are opportunities between $2,500 – $10,000. Let me know if you / your company has an interest.

I hope I can count on you again this year! A donation of $50, $100, $250 to whatever feels good to you will make a large impact on the three pillars of the LLS mission: research, access, and advocacy! Donations can be made simply by clicking here: Join Debra’s Team! .

Help us to bring light to the darkness of cancer by joining my team. Click here to Register for the Walk. Your participation will help raise awareness about blood cancers. Your fundraising will help LLS find cures and ensure access to treatments for blood cancer patients EVERYWHERE!

With Gratitude,
Debra Robinson

Debra Can Speak at Your Event Too!

Debra brings insightful philosophies, real-life examples, and ‘outside eyes’ around cash flow and revenue management helping audiences to find total empowerment over business and personal financials.

Debra is a regular speaker and panelist. She is community committed and she loves to share news on the many organizations she and Centennial Revenue Management support.


“I thought of Debra again yesterday as I presented the financial review to my team. Sure enough, top-line revenues were down as we’d forecasted, yet we still turned a small profit thanks to knowing how to forecast and being proactive in trimming expenses. I am grateful to Debra for giving me this knowledge.”

Wendy Phillips
Big Buzz

“My books are in such good order as a result of spending time with Debra. My bookkeeper and I have made the recommended changes to our financials and I get what is going on with understanding my financial story better than ever!”

Brenda Abdilla
Management Momentum

Now I know what a real CFO does!  The guidance and advice you gave us has really helped us focus in on where we want to go financially as a company.  I think having your eyes on this will be invaluable as we move to the next stage.

It has been a pleasure working with you. We leave each meeting with a greater understanding of our cash flow and how important it is to keep eyes on this!

Chris Crigler

Being customers of Debra, much of the information at the seminar was review for us – which was great because we can never hear those reminders too much. For first time people, I think the seminar would be great because it gave enough information for them to know what they didn’t know and was a good ‘teaser’ to eventually hire Debra.”

Mike Hillegas

Since working with Centennial Revenue Management, I have become even further engaged and thrilled with their services. Cash flow for my business is extremely important and before working with Centennial Revenue Management, I never knew how to go about managing it. They have their process for cash flow down to a science – and it works! I only wish I had known about Centennial Revenue Management sooner.”

Brenda Jones
Owner of Commercial Interior Sales and Services Company

Centennial Revenue Management offers a superior ability to handle accounts receivable.

Dr. John Wilson

We were experiencing cash flow problems and we didn’t have a good handle on the concepts involved. Centennial Revenue Management educated us on cash flow and exactly how to manage it.

Jeff Krommendyk

Centennial Revenue Management will follow your accounts receivable until each account is closed.

Allen Schreiber, M.D.

After using Centennial Revenue Management for about a year, I could not be happier. They really helped me as a business owner understand cash flow and its importance to running my business. I believe that cash flow is the single most important tool any business owner must understand if he or she is to be successful.

Garry Seaber
President/Founder of IT Company

Centennial Revenue Management does an amazing job following my money, and their work enables me to make intelligent business decisions based on factual numbers rather than feelings. They give me security to focus on production. It is an incredibly valuable service for practitioners.

Dr. Shaun Soucie

Centennial Revenue Management does a great job analyzing the cash flow of medical practices.

Chris Hadley
Senior Vice President of a Financial Institution

Debra is a financial rock star. That was incredible. Thank you so much for the informative webinar. I learned so very much!

Teresa Adams
Webinar Attendee

This was a piece of my financial picture that I knew was missing, but always felt like I was guessing at. Now you’ve given me a bunch of work to do, but I think it will be worth it.

Dr. Brian Chamberlain
Webinar Attendee

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