Put simply, cash flow is the movement of money in and out of a business.

Successful business owners and CEOs control this process and thrive. Less successful ones let others watch over their financials. That can lead to trouble.

It’s vital for CEOs to adopt a cash flow perspective that is far different compared to CPAs or bookkeepers. The CEO’s perspective must be based on understanding the full impacts of cash flow so that the integrity of a company’s financials leads to sound business decisions.

When businesses forget to put cash flow first, there can be a financial squeeze, especially when the company runs low bank balances or services debt.

You know you’re having cash flow problems when you:

  • Can’t pay yourself on a regular basis
  • Have trouble making payroll
  • Juggle bills each month
  • Accrue credit card debt
  • Continually increase your line of credit
  • Stay awake at night worrying about your finances

These troubling signs will certainly lead to cash flow concerns and stress. Stress is not just bad for the body, it’s also terrible for a business.

I have been an owner who was not doing so good with my cash flow management, and lived with business stress and worry. The experience led me to create an easy to understand methodology that helps business owners forecast cash requirements 8 months into the future.

What I have learned will help you gain business power. Lose the worry and stress. Let me help you gain control and financial knowledge.

Our Total Cash Clarity service gives you a proven process that ensures you have insights and can manage how your money is coming in and going out of your business, month to month, with your business always focused on creating PROACTIVE strategies that result in optimizing cash flow and maximizing profitability.

The methodology works. I have been using my Total Cash Clarity system as a forecasting tool for the last 11 years with all of my clients.

My Total Cash Clarity methodology has been developed into a software service that will help all business owners gain control of cash flow through a simple, yet disciplined process with easy to use tools.

There’s more. Knowledge and skills are how you get to top performance. With Total Cash Clarity, help you and your team gain build a cash flow discipline through a monthly training webinar and regular tips and tools to build your cash flow management muscle.

Too often, financials are only looked at in the rear-view mirror, yet business success depends on managing to the future. Total Cash Clarity gives you a future view of your financials with a cash flow budget, and helps you understand and manage the changing financial needs of your organization, plan for growth, and uncover risks to your financial wellbeing so you can address them before they happen.