You started your business because you are an expert in something you’re passionate about. You went through years of school and committed work to become expert in in your field. Like many business owners / CEOs, you may have developed some expertise in sales and operations over the years as well, however, I find that most leaders don’t have a thorough understanding of financials. That understanding is key to becoming an EXPERT CEO! And now is the time.

Cash is king, queen and the royal court, the lifeblood of every business. No exceptions. It’s not uncommon for CEOs to trust their CPA with all that’s financially related, including help with cash flow.  In order to understand and manage cash flow, you need to have a good understanding of your financials from a CEO’s perspective, which is different than a CPA’s. Rather than developing a CEO perspective, many try their best to manage their financials based on what they think they know, which is often just the way they manage their personal finances. Oops!

To truly understand and manage your financials, and have a CEO perspective, it takes a team of Subject Matter Experts, These are your Trusted Advisors, which can include a:

CFO  |  Bookkeeper  |  Financial Advisor  |  Banker
Business Consultant  | Cash Flow Consultant

You are in business to make money. Yet, too often, it is the one thing that gets the least amount of attention from the CEO / Business Owner. The right Trusted Advisors can help you ensure you manage your financials and financial health.