SWOT Analysis

Cash Flow Forecasting Package

Understanding cash flow is more important than ever! Take a moment to pause and consider what might be possible if you stop reacting and begin creating proactive strategies to sustain a business model that will be there 90 to 120 days from now. The Dirty Little Secret about Cash Flow is that it’s not about the next 30 or 60 days. That money is already in play. The sweet spot for understanding cash flow is focusing on 90 to 120 days from now. Take total control of your financials now, confront the fears from the unknown, and become empowered by knowing what your cash requirements need to be for the next 8 months!


To deliver an eight (8) month cash flow forecast that is directly tied to your current financial story. The goal is to focus on optimizing cash flow and to educate you on what your minimum cash on hand balances need to be to sustain your business in the months ahead. This is a onetime SWOT analysis to help you understand where you are today, and I will create a cash flow forecast tied to your current financials.

The SWOT Process


I will do a SWOT analysis of your current financials.

I will create an 8-month view into the future for what your cash on hand balances are tied to your current financial story.

I will provide a 2-hour consultation to review your financials, the forecast and to collaborate with you on how to model the next several months.

You will be given the good, the bad and pro-active strategies that can help you make short term decisions.

Benefits and Outcomes


To provide CFO and cash flow expertise to review your financials from a CEO’s perspective, different than your CPA’s and Accountant’s.


You will understand what your current financials story is and be given a cash flow forecasting tool to model a likely outcome for what the next 8 months will look like for cash on hand balances.


You will be educated on the important numbers for you to understand in your financial arena. For example, knowing what the current outlay of cash is each month against projected revenues. This is different than knowing what your total expenses will be.


You will be given a monthly budget to work with to help control the outflow of cash to vendors and lenders.


You will be able to model strategies as they become available to help insure you protect your cash reserves.


You will be given instructions on how to continue to use the tool by creating a new forecast tied to your current financial story on a monthly basis.

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