As we close on 2020, we all can agree the year has been full of obstacles. Between politics, business and personal struggles; our lives have had to pivot in many ways due to COVID-19. Business owners are one group of many that have been affected the worse over the last year. With shut downs and light foot traffic, owners’ cash flow continues to remain on an ongoing roller coaster due to the stress the pandemic has caused across the world.

However, there have been so many untold blessings. For me, it has been the birth of a new grandson. Although, I haven’t been able to touch him or for that matter been able to see the rest of my children due to long distance; I am thankful they are safe and healthy.

With the right attitude, we all can step over the obstacles and move forward towards the goals we have planned to accomplish. Despite the worry and fear, business owners still can overlook cash flow forecasting, causing them to be more reactive with financial strategies than proactive. This year was the ultimate test to that. As a cash flow specialist, I am no stranger to combatting financial turmoil.

Keep in mind that a CPA or bookkeeper, tracks PAST spending and offers tax preparation. When reviewing cash flow, a cash flow specialist offers a FORWARD – looking solution. In order to survive, owners be conscience of their spending ahead of time. How are your habits? Are you finding funds draining fast? Have you had to shut down?

After the holiday rush and a well-deserved rest, I would love for you to attend my Dirty Little Secrets About Cash Flow webinar on January 20th sponsored by the Denver / Boulder Better Business Bureau. This virtual seminar will offer many strategies for you to focus on to help you not run out of money as you continue to navigate to your new normal of doing business in 2021! It’s time to be PROACTIVE; not reactive in the cash flow arena!  Click here to learn more about this seminar.

The community needs you to thrive! 

From my family to yours, we wish you a healthy cash flow and happy holidays.

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