cash flow modeling

No More Monthly Anxiety Over Bills: Cash Flow Modeling and Consulting

You’ve seen your revenues increase, you know that money is coming in and that your company is growing, and you’ve had conversation after conversation with your bookkeeper and CPA. But you’re still having sleepless nights every month when it comes time to pay your bills. Does this sound familiar?

Get Cash Flow Under Control

Well take a deep breath–you’re not alone, and there is a way out of this cycle. I work with many clients who are operating otherwise thriving mid-size businesses and who struggle to optimize cash flow. This is why I offer my Cash Flow Modeling and Consulting package. It is perfect for CEOs who don’t want to hand over their finances completely (as you would with my Outsourced CFO package), but who need a little more assistance than a basic cash flow forecast.

Cash Flow Consulting and Modeling

My Cash Flow Consulting and Modeling package addresses short-term cash flow problems by improving your company’s bookkeeping and accounting processes. I act as your advocate by facilitating conversations between you as the owner and your bookkeeping, accounting, and wealth management advisors to identify cash flow problems and provide solutions.

The first step in Cash Flow Consulting and Modeling is making sure that your financials have integrity and that you have the right operations in place to ensure highly accurate financial reporting. I look at how your company handles Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bookkeeping, and internal reporting in order to give you a picture of your financials from a CEO’s perspective, not a CPA’s perspective. I will provide you with a 360-degree picture of your current finances and give you a cash flow projection for the next 8 months.

Set Yourself up for Success

Whether you are already experiencing cash flow problems or whether you want to make sure that they won’t occur in the future, my strategies will help you correct cash flow problems and optimize future cash flow and profitability. When you have a full picture of your current finances, you’ll be better poised to recognize opportunities to improve profitability or eliminate products or services. And when bills come due the next time, you’ll be sleeping like a baby.