This year may have been filled with a bit of emotional turmoil from all fronts in our daily lives.  The results of inflation for business owners are costing sleepless nights worried about juggling vendor bills and how they will make payroll each month.

Closing the books on 2023; the 3 biggest financial problems I am seeing are:

1. Draining Bank Accounts – Caused by Inflation? Owners are spending more than they are bringing in cash collections.  Everything appears to cost substantially more in 2023 from supplies to paying for employee wages.  On the other side of the equation, sales seem to be flat with not much of an increase over this time last year.  Net effect is more money is going out each month than is coming in, which takes a toll on CASH FLOW!

2. Accounts Receivables are Becoming More Challenging:  
If you as the business owner are struggling with cash flow; consider how your customers are also struggling.  Several of my client’s clients have gone into bankruptcy this year making it harder to collect on A/R. What are your processes to collect more money faster with your customers so you may have a positive impact on accounts receivable? Struggling to collect money from your customers results in reduced monthly revenue.

3. Credit Card Debt and New Loans: Looking at your Balance Sheet, are you seeing credit card debt increasing?  Did you have to draw on a Line of Credit because of monthly shortfalls in cash?  Did you take on a new business loan in 2023 to help pay the bills and make payroll?  The time is now to create a debt servicing strategy to help stop the bleeding of cash!


Going into 2024 with more debt, less cash, and revenues that are not producing a minimum of 10% Net Profit to Revenue Ratio will result in more anxiety and stress.

The #1 action that I want to encourage business owners this holiday season is to think about ONE money habit you are willing to change to make a difference in your financial story.

Give your business the gift of a Cash Flow Optimizer Package (Click to Learn More). Let us bring the discipline of managing cash flow PRO-ACTIVELY monthly. This will result in cultivating good money habits that will lead to PEACE of MIND.