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Dirty Little Secret of Cash Flow – Servicing Debt

Dirty Little Secret of Cash Flow Having multiple debts and high-interest loans is stressful and can be very hard to talk about—even with the ones you love and trust the most. But you cannot approach your debt from a dishonest place, concealing it from people who rely

Dirty Little Secret – Tax Planning and Cash Flow

Is that if you don’t know what your taxes are likely to be by this time in February, then you did not plan effectively last year to help minimize the impact that your taxes are likely to have on your current cash flow! Be vigilant about your taxes

Dirty Little Secret – Holding Your Trusted Advisors Accountable

As an owner, do you know how to hold your trusted advisors accountable? We have created a checklist for you and your team of trusted advisors that is focused on the right components that will help you achieve peace of mind. Check out our Check List for

Dirty Little Secret – Debt

Debt can create anxiety and is often managed from an emotional position rather than a strategic position. Create a strategy with your bookkeeper or CPA (or best person—your Cash Flow Consultant) to help service your debt. Or, start a conversation with your banker to see if it’s

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