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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_udesign_quote quote_type=”blockquote” quote_symbol=”symbol_2″ quote_style=”dark” class=””]I am impressed with Debra’s approach and her process on how she helps business owners to gain their cash back! After working with Debra for a couple of hours, she helped me to identify significant  cash flow issue and save $14,000! Thank you Debra for your outstanding and devoted service! I highly recommend her services to open minded entrepreneurs who is always searching for a better business approach.

-Natalya Itu[/vc_udesign_quote][vc_column_text]Perhaps the most important rule to follow to optimize Cash Flow is to develop a cash flow forecasting model. One thing we are experts in is how to help an owner “follow the money”.  We have a unique methodology to creating a Cash Flow forecast and educating the owner on the financials from a CEO’s perspective; different than a CPA’s.  At Centennial Revenue Management, we’re not CPA’s – they act as your tax compliance experts.  And we’re not bookkeepers – they log the movement of money by documenting your past income and expenses.  We are Cash Flow experts providing a forward-looking solution, proactively forecasting what’s to come.

We offer a 4-month package designed to be an introduction to understanding the financials and how cash flow is impacting the business on a monthly basis with an 8-month view into the future. The main objective is to educate the business owner on the current movement of money in the company; with a focus on why they may be experiencing a “squeeze in cash flow”, such as problems making payroll, juggling vendor bills, or having trouble managing debt.

The benefits and outcomes of working with Centennial Revenue Management:

  • The education on your financials with a firm understanding of the Profit & Loss and the Balance Sheet from an owner/CEO prospective (different from a CPA’s perspective).
  • A working monthly budget to help plan for expenses against projected revenue.
  • A confirmation of the integrity of the financials by reviewing your accounting system, providing the foundation to do accurate cash flow projections and monthly budgeting.
  • A clear picture of the total financial health of your business with an eight (8) month view into the future.
  • Peace of mind that you have a complete 360-degree picture of your finances: from the tax, wealth management, and cash flow perspectives.
  • A forecasting tool, education, and coaching to help you feel totally empowered to maximize profitability and optimize cash flow.

Be proactive with cash flow, not reactive. We offer an extra set of eyes to look for areas that may cause inadequate cash flow.  Schedule your free consultation HERE and get moving towards Cash Flow clarity.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]