Consider this:

Does your company have enough cash to pay the bills?
Do you stay up at night and worry about your business financials?
Are you tired of putting money in each month to cover payroll?

These are common bad money habits and lead to cash flow issues. Cash flow is the lifeblood of any company. Bad cash flow is like poor circulation in the body. It can be sustained, but at what cost?

Look at these bad habits and consider if they apply to you.

  • Winging it with financials:  Do you repeatedly file tax extensions because your bookkeeper is behind? Can you confirm that your bookkeeper has maintained accurate financials by reconciling monthly to your bank statements, credit card statements and loan statements?
  • No debt servicing strategy; just spend, spend and spend:  Did you come into the end of the year making a true effort to service debt and reduce over spending to help with cash flow throughout the year?
  • Low bank balances on a regular basis:  Do you know what your minimum beginning/ending cash balance should be each month to help you keep from worrying about making payroll or juggling vendor bills?
  • No cash flow modeling/forecasting: Do you have a way to project how much cash you will have on hand in 90 days or 120 days?

Sound familiar?

If so, let’s solve your cash flow issues with my Total Cash Clarity service.

Total Cash Clarity is a subscription service created to provide discipline, processes and tools to create a strong financial foundation to help transform bad habits to good ones. Discover how my monthly training webinar, online cash forecasting tools, and insider tips can enhance your company financials and create financial freedom for you in 2019.