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Our Story

At Centennial Revenue Management, we’re not CPAs – they document your past financials yearly. And we’re not bookkeepers – they log your past income and expenses. We are cash flow experts – the forward-looking solution.

We deliver a comprehensive, forward-looking view of your finances, acting as an advocate for your success, far beyond the duties of a bookkeeper or CPA. We offer an extra set of eyes to look for areas that may cause cash flow issues, whether there are outstanding receivables or the movement of money in and out of your business is tracked incorrectly. In effectively using this approach, your employees, vendors and stakeholders will see your company as a financially stable entity. Whatever the situation, the cash flow specialists at Centennial Revenue Management are your partners in providing peace of mind over your current finances and total control over your future business decisions.


“I thought of Debra again yesterday as I presented the financial review to my team. Sure enough, top-line revenues were down as we’d forecasted, yet we still turned a small profit thanks to knowing how to forecast and being proactive in trimming expenses. I am grateful to Debra for giving me this knowledge.”

Wendy Phillips
Big Buzz

“My books are in such good order as a result of spending time with Debra. My bookkeeper and I have made the recommended changes to our financials and I get what is going on with understanding my financial story better than ever!”

Brenda Abdilla
Management Momentum

Now I know what a real CFO does!  The guidance and advice you gave us has really helped us focus in on where we want to go financially as a company.  I think having your eyes on this will be invaluable as we move to the next stage.

It has been a pleasure working with you. We leave each meeting with a greater understanding of our cash flow and how important it is to keep eyes on this!

Chris Crigler

Being customers of Debra, much of the information at the seminar was review for us – which was great because we can never hear those reminders too much. For first time people, I think the seminar would be great because it gave enough information for them to know what they didn’t know and was a good ‘teaser’ to eventually hire Debra.”

Mike Hillegas

Since working with Centennial Revenue Management, I have become even further engaged and thrilled with their services. Cash flow for my business is extremely important and before working with Centennial Revenue Management, I never knew how to go about managing it. They have their process for cash flow down to a science – and it works! I only wish I had known about Centennial Revenue Management sooner.”

Brenda Jones
Owner of Commercial Interior Sales and Services Company

Centennial Revenue Management offers a superior ability to handle accounts receivable.

Dr. John Wilson

We were experiencing cash flow problems and we didn’t have a good handle on the concepts involved. Centennial Revenue Management educated us on cash flow and exactly how to manage it.

Jeff Krommendyk

Centennial Revenue Management will follow your accounts receivable until each account is closed.

Allen Schreiber, M.D.

After using Centennial Revenue Management for about a year, I could not be happier. They really helped me as a business owner understand cash flow and its importance to running my business. I believe that cash flow is the single most important tool any business owner must understand if he or she is to be successful.

Garry Seaber
President/Founder of IT Company

Centennial Revenue Management does an amazing job following my money, and their work enables me to make intelligent business decisions based on factual numbers rather than feelings. They give me security to focus on production. It is an incredibly valuable service for practitioners.

Dr. Shaun Soucie

Centennial Revenue Management does a great job analyzing the cash flow of medical practices.

Chris Hadley
Senior Vice President of a Financial Institution

Debra is a financial rock star. That was incredible. Thank you so much for the informative webinar. I learned so very much!

Teresa Adams
Webinar Attendee

This was a piece of my financial picture that I knew was missing, but always felt like I was guessing at. Now you’ve given me a bunch of work to do, but I think it will be worth it.

Dr. Brian Chamberlain
Webinar Attendee

Our Story

Our expertise lies in gathering the right numbers, in the context of your specific business operations, and providing preemptive predictive modeling and cash flow forecasting. Through this education, business owners gain a deep understanding of their financial health, empowering them to take charge of their business’s financial future.

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