Too often, business owners put the role of the CFO on themselves. An outsourced CFO can help save you time & money, get financial reporting done, assist you with strategy and cost less than you think! Those combined benefits can provide powerful value to your business. That value doesn’t only impact your bottom line but also your credibility and business reputation. Don’t make the mistake by assuming your CPA can also add value as your CFO. Managing financial strategies takes multiple perspectives. Tax benefits, maintaining adequate cash on hand balances, and understanding your financials from a CEO and CFO’s perspective is much different from that of a CPA’s.

When the SBA (Small Business Administration) reports that 50% of small businesses fail in the first five years, one of the primary reasons is cash flow management. Your CFO can be vital to your success. They can cover your potential blind spots. They follow the money and look into the future! They also make sure you have the cash resources you need. Most small to mid-sized businesses don’t need a full-time CFO. The benefits of having this role on your team can include advocating with your CPA for better tax benefits or debt strategies with your banker. A trusted outsourced CFO can allow you to remain financially competitive while allowing you and your team to do what you do best.

A cash flow pundit like me serving as your outsourced CFO can conduct analyses of your expenses and profits, assist you with getting out of a cash flow crunch and prevent a cash flow storm from occurring. Whom better than someone who has been in your shoes as an owner and personally faced embezzlement from her own CFO? Get the outside eye perspective with a proven subject matter expert!