Are you ready with your 2021 projected tax liabilities?

Do you know what your projected tax liabilities will be for 2021? Now is the time to be proactive with your CPA and request a tax review for 2021. 

As we go into the fourth quarter, it is more important than ever to pay attention to your bottom line and cash flow. Optimizing cash flow takes implementing proactive strategies. Oftentimes, a CPA working independently is not proactive about helping you plan for cash requirements for taxes that will be owed in April of next year.

Concerned about your business as tax season sneaks up on us?
As a Cash Flow Specialist / CFO, I am committed to helping business owners understand their financials from a CEO’s perspective, different from your CPA’s.

Think about it this way; your CPA is focused on reducing your Net Profit to help you pay less in taxes.  From a cash flow perspective, you need to focus on increasing your Net Profits that will result in better cash flow.  Working together with these two subject matter experts, can help you to maximize Net Profits, optimize cash flow AND get more money into your pockets!  

You can now plan for how much cash reserves you need to set aside for April of 2022.

You can also create proactive strategies to offset some of those taxes owed before the opportunity disappears by December 31st.

Now more than ever, it is important to keep yourself financially educated to have a healthy business in 2022.  The PPP loan could be considered a great “cash flow” gift.  Do not squander it by not looking into the future and understanding what lies ahead as your business continues to find its new normal.  Achieving cash flow wellbeing takes a team of trusted advisors.

To help you on this journey, and back by popular demand, I am offering my SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Cash Flow Forecasting Package discounted to $1,500 to help business owners continue to pivot and navigate during these unprecedented times. This is a one time analysis of your current financials.

I will deliver an eight-month cash flow forecast

I will deliver an eight-month cash flow forecast that is directly tied to your financial story in order to educate you on your minimum cash on hand balance needed to sustain your business in the months ahead. I will do a deep dive into your financials, create a working forecast model, and will deliver it to you in a 2 hour consultation.  This process will identify three very important numbers: 

  • What your sales revenue break even number is.
  • What your monthly outlay of cash is including debt servicing, and distributions.
  • What your monthly cash on hand balance is and will it sustain you 8 months from now. 

If you need support with collaborating with your CPA, I welcome the opportunity to help.  Find confidence and comfort in the financial health of your business. Schedule your complimentary consultation today by calling (303) 835-7992.