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How Cash Flow Forecasting Can Turn Your Company into a Profit-Making Machine

A client of mine offered to share his story on cash flow forecasting and teaching the financials to his team have helped his business to become more profitable and to optimize the cash flow.  Meet Chris Crigler, President of CAP Management.  Years ago, Chris’s business, was in

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No More Monthly Anxiety Over Bills: Cash Flow Modeling and Consulting

No More Monthly Anxiety Over Bills: Cash Flow Modeling and Consulting You’ve seen your revenues increase, you know that money is coming in and that your company is growing, and you’ve had conversation after conversation with your bookkeeper and CPA. But you’re still having sleepless nights every

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A Dirty Little Secret about Debt

Debt can create anxiety and is often managed from an emotional position rather than a strategic position. Create a strategy with your bookkeeper or CPA (or best person—your Cash Flow Consultant) to help service your debt. Or, start a conversation with your banker to see if it’s

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How do you know you have a cash flow problem?

Do you have financial concern over making payroll, managing debt, making purchase decisions, or collecting on outstanding accounts?

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