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How Cash Flow Forecasting Can Turn Your Company into a Profit-Making Machine

A client of mine offered to share his story on cash flow forecasting and teaching the financials to his team have helped his business to become more profitable and to optimize the cash flow.  Meet Chris Crigler, President of CAP Management.  Years ago, Chris’s business, was in

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Mid-Year Financial Review: Incorporating a Look at Cash Flow

It’s easy to lose focus in the summer and to feel like end-of-year concerns and tax season are in the very, very distant future. But here’s something you should think about fitting in between vacations and trips to the pool: a thorough mid-year financial review for your

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Cash Flow Forecast Package: An Introduction to Understanding Business Financials

We offer several great packages that can help you take charge of your business financials once and for all. The first package we offer is the Cash Flow Forecasting Project, which provides an eight-month cash flow forecast that will identify key aspects of the financial management of your business

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Navigating the Upgrade to ICD-10: Why Cash Flow Will Be Squeezed

If you are a doctor or health care professional, you are probably very familiar with the ICD (for those outside the field, it stands for International Classification of Diseases and is the system of codes used for medical billing and reimbursement purposes). The United States medical system

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A Dirty Little Secret about the Bookkeeper

The bookkeeper’s role is to record the day to day financial transactions for a business. They are in charge of recording the movement of money in and money out of the business. Different than a CPA who is focused on tax strategies, the bookkeeper is the starting

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