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Chief Financial Officer – Who’s Performing that Role in Your Business?

As a business owner, you are most likely filling the role of a CEO, Chief Executive Officer. It is not uncommon for many business owners to wear the hats of several key roles that help run a business. Especially if the business is small, a startup, growing

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Who’s Really in Your Sandbox?

I often say this when I refer to the people you keep close around your financials: your trusted advisors. These people should all have integrity and be thoroughly checked out; they are after all, helping you take care of your money. When any of these people turns

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A Dirty Little Secret about Your Corporate Tax Return

Before signing your corporate tax return, did you and your CPA review it?  A short telephone conversation would be ideal to be sure you understand how your profits (or losses), your wages, and any distributions will be reported on your personal return.  I always recommend that my

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