Our Blog: The Dirty Little Secrets About Cash Flow

Welcome to Centennial Revenue Management’s Dirty Little Secrets About Cash Flow blog! Here, we open up a dialogue to those interested in learning and engaging in their financial process, especially regarding cash flow. Check back regularly for tips, insights, and strategies in how to monitor your finances.

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A Dirty Little Secret: Keeping Eyes on Your Cash Flow

Do you have eyes on the most important components on your financials to optimize cash flow? For example, knowing what your bank balances are on the balance sheet. My secret is to have the profit and loss printed on a cash basis and your balance sheet printed

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Debra Robinson Speaking to the Colorado Dental Manager’s Association on Friday, May 1st

I am excited to have been invited to speak at this year’s Colorado Dental Manager’s Association Seminar on Friday, May 1st. During the course of this seminar, which is for dentists, office managers, and other dental professionals, I will have the opportunity to share my Dirty Little Secrets of Cash Flow

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Do You Understand How Your Corporate Taxes Affect Your Personal Return?

At this time of year, it’s important for business owners to understand how your Net Profits (or Losses) flow through to your personal tax returns. Here are a few tips to help you connect the dots from your business return to your personal tax return. Do you understand how

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A Dirty Little Secret about Your Corporate Tax Return

Before signing your corporate tax return, did you and your CPA review it?  A short telephone conversation would be ideal to be sure you understand how your profits (or losses), your wages, and any distributions will be reported on your personal return.  I always recommend that my

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A Dirty Little Secret: Drop 10% to your bottom line!

An important metric to understand on your Profit and Loss Sheet is: What is the Net Profit percentage to Revenue? Revenues less Expenses equals Net Profit. One indicator for good Cash Flow is to drop 10% of your Revenue to the bottom line (Net Profit). Have your

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Net Profit Does Not Always Equal Good Cash Flow

Cash Flow is the movement of money in and out of a business. Net Profit is well, your profits. So it stands to reason that having a healthy Cash Flow would equal a healthy Net Profit, right? Not always! So what can dwindle away your Cash Flow

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A Dirty Little Secret about the Bookkeeper

The bookkeeper’s role is to record the day to day financial transactions for a business. They are in charge of recording the movement of money in and money out of the business. Different than a CPA who is focused on tax strategies, the bookkeeper is the starting

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Debra Robinson to Speak at AMBA National Conference

Debra Robinson, President of Centennial Revenue Management is headed to Las Vegas to speak at the American Medical Billing Association National Conference! As a cash flow specialist, Debra will be sharing her dirty little secrets to ensure that participants get the inside scoop on what’s really going on with

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The Secret to a Solid Cash Flow Strategy for the New Year

Quick, look alive! The fourth quarter is here and with it comes some of the most significant decisions of the year regarding your business and its cash flow. Don’t be caught unaware. The fourth quarter is essential for preparing your tax strategy, planning your cash flow and

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Lesson Two: Net Profit Does Not Always Equal Good Cash Flow

May 28, 2014 Debra Robinson, President of Centennial Revenue Management   The second lesson I learned about cash flow (the movement of money in and out of a business), comes from when I bought a business and a commercial property.  After my reign as a CEO of

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