Our Blog: The Dirty Little Secrets About Cash Flow

Welcome to Centennial Revenue Management’s Dirty Little Secrets About Cash Flow blog! Here, we open up a dialogue to those interested in learning and engaging in their financial process, especially regarding cash flow. Check back regularly for tips, insights, and strategies in how to monitor your finances.

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What is holding You Back from taking that Good Look at Your Financials?

Talking about your finances is always a nerve-wracking experience. It is a confidential area that you expose only to your closest and most trusted advisors. When it comes to letting someone new into that circle, you may feel nervous, afraid that you are “doing them wrong”, or

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No More Monthly Anxiety Over Bills: Cash Flow Modeling and Consulting

No More Monthly Anxiety Over Bills: Cash Flow Modeling and Consulting You’ve seen your revenues increase, you know that money is coming in and that your company is growing, and you’ve had conversation after conversation with your bookkeeper and CPA. But you’re still having sleepless nights every

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Mid-Year Financial Review: Incorporating a Look at Cash Flow

It’s easy to lose focus in the summer and to feel like end-of-year concerns and tax season are in the very, very distant future. But here’s something you should think about fitting in between vacations and trips to the pool: a thorough mid-year financial review for your

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Cash Flow Forecast Package: An Introduction to Understanding Business Financials

We offer several great packages that can help you take charge of your business financials once and for all. The first package we offer is the Cash Flow Forecasting Project, which provides an eight-month cash flow forecast that will identify key aspects of the financial management of your business

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A Dirty Little Secret about Holding Your Trusted Advisors Accountable

As an owner, do you know how to hold your trusted advisors accountable? We have created a checklist for you and your team of trusted advisors that is focused on the right components that will help you achieve peace of mind. Check out our Check List for

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A Dirty Little Secret about Debt

Debt can create anxiety and is often managed from an emotional position rather than a strategic position. Create a strategy with your bookkeeper or CPA (or best person—your Cash Flow Consultant) to help service your debt. Or, start a conversation with your banker to see if it’s

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Navigating the Upgrade to ICD-10: Why Cash Flow Will Be Squeezed

If you are a doctor or health care professional, you are probably very familiar with the ICD (for those outside the field, it stands for International Classification of Diseases and is the system of codes used for medical billing and reimbursement purposes). The United States medical system

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A Dirty Little Secret about Budgets

Budgets are stagnant (a snapshot of hope and desire). Cash flow is about the constant movement of money. To give you peace of mind, learn to look into the future with your financials and create a monthly budget that is based on a 4-month trend of your

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Checklist for Your Trusted Advisors

Throughout my years in business, I have learned that one of the most important things you can do to set yourself up for success is to surround yourself with people who are great at what they do, or a select group of trusted advisors.  Once you have

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A Dirty Little Secret about Your Balance Sheet

What’s Lurking on Your Balance Sheet that You Don’t Have Eyes on? Most owners are not watching how much money is posted to the Balance Sheet on a monthly basis. Principal amounts for Loan Payments, Owner’s Distributions, and Credit Card Payments are a few examples of payments

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