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Welcome to Centennial Revenue Management’s Dirty Little Secrets About Cash Flow blog! Here, we open up a dialogue to those interested in learning and engaging in their financial process, especially regarding cash flow. Check back regularly for tips, insights, and strategies in how to monitor your finances.

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A Dirty Little Secret about the End of Year Review with Your Trusted Adviser Team

Throughout my years in business, I have learned that one of the most important things you can do to set yourself up for success is to surround yourself with people who are experts in their field. In my world working with business owners, such trusted advisors will

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Chief Financial Officer – Who’s Performing that Role in Your Business?

As a business owner, you are most likely filling the role of a CEO, Chief Executive Officer. It is not uncommon for many business owners to wear the hats of several key roles that help run a business. Especially if the business is small, a startup, growing

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How Much Cash on Hand is “Enough” Monthly for Good Cash Flow?

One of the most important key figures in working out Cash Flow projections in your business, is your beginning/ ending cash balance on hand. This ending cash balance is the total amount of cash you have on your balance sheet once you’ve closed your books for the

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It’s TAX Time – No, really…it’s time to think about your taxes!

If you really want to be strategic, proactive, and cash flow focused with your business it’s time to do a mid-year review for your tax planning.  In February of this year, I suggested a handful of activities to do with your CPA.  Now I’m circling back to

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TABOO: Talking About Your Money Problems

I am often referred into a business that is struggling financially, but a lot of time the owner or bookkeeper can’t pinpoint what is actually causing this struggle. Their financials may show a profit but there is little money actually in their bank account. They are feeling

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Why is Understanding Your Balance Sheet So Important?

The Balance Sheet is often one of the most overlooked financial statements. Why is that? Most business owners trust their financials to their bookkeeper and their CPA. If you are reviewing your financials on a monthly basis, are you only looking at your Profit and Loss/ Income

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How Cash Flow Forecasting Can Turn Your Company into a Profit-Making Machine

A client of mine offered to share his story on cash flow forecasting and teaching the financials to his team have helped his business to become more profitable and to optimize the cash flow.  Meet Chris Crigler, President of CAP Management.  Years ago, Chris’s business, was in

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A Dirty Little Secret About Tax Planning and Cash Flow

Is that if you don’t know what your taxes are likely to be by this time in February, then you did not plan effectively last year to help minimize the impact that your taxes are likely to have on your current cash flow! Be vigilant about your taxes

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Tax Timeline

It’s that time of the year: Tax Time. By now, employers have sent out W-2s, schools and lenders have released other important tax forms, and the IRS has started accepting tax returns. However, for many people, thinking about tax season should have started well before the first

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Who’s Really in Your Sandbox?

I often say this when I refer to the people you keep close around your financials: your trusted advisors. These people should all have integrity and be thoroughly checked out; they are after all, helping you take care of your money. When any of these people turns

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